Faith of Beasts

Faith of Beasts, from bestselling author Lila Dubois writing as E. M. Nally is a science fiction thriller you won’t be able to put down. From mind-altering experiments to supernatural powers, this new adult, dark fantasy will get your heart pounding as Sia tries to save herself and those she loves. Book 1 in the City of Angels series is a must read!


Budding college sophomore scientist Sia Marquez knows what she wants.

A former foster kid, Sia escaped the system and wants her fellow orphan and secret crush Miguel to join her at the prestigious university she now attends.

Unfortunately, what she gets is a nightmare…kidnapping, genetic engineering, and a struggle to stay alive!

When Miguel goes missing Sia searches for him and is kidnapped by the same men who took Miguel. Used as a lab rat for mind-altering experimentation, Sia develops paranormal powers and manifests a creature the world hasn’t seen since the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan fell. Possessed by powers rooted in her darkest memories, Sia engineers an escape for herself and the other “lab rats” with the help of one of her captors, Christopher.

Struggling to understand her new powers while searching for a cure, she must also control the gang she helped free, before they destroy the city or themselves. Despite her relationship with Miguel she’s drawn to Christopher, who may hold the key to their salvation. Before she can find a way to reverse what was done to them, Miguel succumbs to the darkness.

Sia will have to make a choice, and the price could be more than just her life!

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